Supporting medically fragile
children and their families

Supporting medically fragile children and their families

Parent Testimonials

Many of those we've helped have sent us letters of thanks. Below are just a few.


Camila and Her Family

Dear Dr. Wheeler and Project Joy and Hope Team, I want to express to you the gratitude my mother, my daughter and I have for the amazing service Project Joy and Hope has offered my family. We have been away from our home for now 6 months. Four of those six months were spend in … Read more

Deville Family

Hello, my name is Cynthia Deville. I have been commuting to Houston for 2 years due to my 2 year old receiving treatment and follow up care for a brain tumor that originally was found at only one day of age. One year ago we were told were we expecting our youngest son, Anderson. While … Read more

The Garay Family

Dominick Garay

Dear Staff, Thank you for letting us stay here while AJ is with. And thank you for Sibshop. I look forward to go every month. I enjoy how we can talk to other people about our sibling and how they can relate to it. I also enjoy all of the activities that we do. Thank … Read more

Eiland Family

Eiland Family

Jan, Chris and Everyone at Project Joy & Hope, I know this letter comes late but I want to say thank you for all you did for my family while were were in the Houston area. Going into Parker’s bone marrow transplant, I was scared. Never having gone through anything quite so difficult I was … Read more

Hedrick and his mom

Hedrick Family

Project Joy and Hope, When my daughter was diagnosed with HLHS, a congenital heart disease, we knew we were in for a lifetime of hospitals and medical procedures. After her first heart surgery, we needed a place in the Houston area for our whole family to be able to stay together and have somewhat of … Read more

Henderson Girls

Henderson Family

Being at Project Joy and Hope as been such an amazing blessing from the very beginning. Our daughter, River Joy, is 13 and has been fighting cancer for 5 years; this is her 3rd cancer relapse. When we first heard about the opportunity to come to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas for an experimental … Read more

Jordison Family

Tulip Project, Our Home Away From Home In 2016 when our daughter Adrianna was diagnosed with PPFE (a form of Pulmonary Fibrosis) we were told she was going to need a double lung transplant. We started searching for the best hospital pediatric lung transplant programs and we came across Texas Children’s Hospital. After researching our … Read more

The Perez Family

Perez Family

Our family is blessed to have found Project Joy & Hope during the toughest time in our lives. Dealing with your child having to go through a bone transplant is a very scary thing. Add to that stress of being away from home, and not knowing where we would stay for the duration of this … Read more


Radley McChristian and His Parents

Radley was born in May of 2013, and he had the biggest feet any of the doctors or nurses had ever seen on a newborn. He was perfect and beautiful and we were scared. “How are we going to take care of this tiny little person?” Melissa and I wondered. We shouldn’t have worried, Radley … Read more


Redel Family

Dear Dr. Jan Wheeler and Project Joy & Hope, I want to take this time and say a very special thank you to everyone involved with Project Joy & Hope. Giving my family a home during a challenging time in our lives was the biggest blessing ever. When Isabella was first diagnosed with Rhabdomysarcoma Stage … Read more