The Texas Pediatric Palliative Care Consortium

TPPCC-logoProject Joy and Hope is the parent agency for the Texas Pediatric Palliative Care Consortium, a statewide coalition of interdisciplinary pediatric palliative care professionals, providers, advocates, and parent representatives throughout our state, dedicated to improving the lives of children with special health care needs and their families.

We envision a community where every child with a serious or life-threatening condition has a strong, supported and informed family empowered to fully participate in their care. We strive to inspire compassionate action within local communities to create a safety net of support for the unique needs of each child and family.

Established in 2006, the Texas Pediatric Palliative Care Consortium (TPPCC)  mission is to optimize the quality of life for children living with life-threatening conditions (CLWLTC) and their families in Texas, without regard to care setting, family demographics, or financial status.

Texas Pediatric Palliative Care Consortium goals include:

Collaboration - Enhance the caregiving capacity of health care providers for CLWLTC throughout Texas by sharing resources and information on the development and delivery of pediatric palliative care services.

Advocacy - Enhance the awareness of health care administrators, state agencies and legislators regarding the need for optimal family-centered pediatric palliative care for CLWLTC in Texas.

Research - Optimize the capacity of families and health care providers to care for CLWLTC by increasing the evidence base for family-centered pediatric palliative care through collaborative research.

Education - Enhance the capacity for the delivery of optimal family-centered and pediatric palliative care through the education of families and health care providers on practices and principles of family-centered and pediatric palliative care.

Support Services – Support the TPPCC Workgroup goals through administrative activities that expand the capacity of the organization.

Palliative care professionals in Texas are invited to join by submitting the form below. Join Texas PPC and check this page often for updates on meetings and workshops.

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