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Supporting medically fragile
children and their families

Supporting medically fragile children and their families

Redel Family

Dear Dr. Jan Wheeler and Project Joy & Hope,

I want to take this time and say a very special thank you to everyone involved with Project Joy & Hope. Giving my family a home during a challenging time in our lives was the biggest blessing ever. When Isabella was first diagnosed with Rhabdomysarcoma Stage 3, we had come to MD Anderson for cancer treatment. We lost our home in Kansas and I lost my job. Finding a place to live wasn't even on my mind as I was consumed with my daughter's medical treatment. When the medical social worker approached me about Project Joy & Hope, I thought it was too good to be true. Once I met Dr. Wheeler and she brought me to the Tulip Project location, I was profoundly blessed beyond belief. It was a nice comforting feeling, knowing that I would be able to bring my special needs daughter with cancer to a place that was brand new and environmentally safe. The Tulip Project truly allowed me to focus on Isabella's medical treatment and not stress about rent, utilities, or shelter issues.

My family was also very fortunate and blessed to receive food items for a Thanksgiving dinner and many gifts for Christmas. Project Joy & Hope made us have as normal of a life as we could possibly have under the rollercoaster ride of our lives we were going through.

Thank you again, Dr. Jan Wheeler, Mrs. Fuller, staff, board of directors, and donors.

Warmest regards,

Veronica, Isabella, and Parker