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Supporting medically fragile
children and their families

Supporting medically fragile children and their families

Deville Family

Hello, my name is Cynthia Deville. I have been commuting to Houston for 2 years due to my 2 year old receiving treatment and follow up care for a brain tumor that originally was found at only one day of age. One year ago we were told were we expecting our youngest son, Anderson. While pregnant with Anderson, we were told by 2 different doctors that Anderson would not live due to the presence of no amniotic fluid, and an obstruction in his urinary tract. I went into labor with Anderson at 34 weeks of pregnancy while in Houston for my 2 year old to have surgery. My baby was born alive, but needed intense medical treatment.

We were also told that our family should relocate to Houston for our son's best chance for survival. Trying to maintain 2 households in two different states on one household income is impossible. With complete relocation impossible at this time as well as thanks to the help of Project Joy & Hope we have a nice, safe home away from home and are able to provide the care that is necessary for our son to live. Project Joy & Hope has given our son and our family life! They have most definitely provided our family hope, and joy as well! I want to thank you for giving to this foundation. You are giving life to families like mine!

All the help we have received such as groceries, gas, gift cards, parking passes for the hospital, all of these things are absolute necessities, the things you must have to survive. The help to my family as been given has been a priceless gift. "A gift of life to my family," sums up what this foundation provides. Any help that you give to this foundation to help these families saves lives! Saves families!

Thank you for your giving!
The Deville family